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You are a true artist and the dress is nothing short of a work of art

Absolutely gorgeous and more than exceeded my expectations!

This dress is one of the most beautiful I have ever owned! I love it so!! It's incredibly well made and the fabric and embroidery is stunning!! I wouldn't hesitate to buy another dress if not for my bank balance haha Folie du Lin is definitely top level!!



Molly Kate

This blouse is beyond beautiful !!!!

 I can‘t stop looking at the amazing stitches and also, the blouse feels wonderful on my skin. I love how Alina cares for her community, even her Instagram stories are unique. I can warmly recommend buying at Folie du Lin!

Christina O.

MAGNIFIQUE ! je ne saurais dire mieux. Je suis restée sans voix en le déballant.

 La confection est superbe, la coupe parfaite et il est extrêmement agréable à porter.
J'ai également beaucoup apprécié la petite carte avec la fleur séchée accompagnant l'article. La vendeuse est aussi agréable que réactive aux messages. Bref, cette boutique est une vraie pépite à qui je souhaite de prospérer encore longtemps. C'est mon premier achat chez elle et assurément pas le dernier.


Le tissus est magnifique
Les détails sont délicats

Encore merci d'avoir pris en compte ma demande pour modifier l'article (création d'un chemise d'allaitement)
Tellement hâte de la mettre
Je recommanderai bientôt c'est certain.


This is my most favorite shop 😍

 I am very happy with this new linen dress from Folie du Lin! ❤️ The quality of linen is excellent, the color is so beautiful, and it’s just the best dress for the summer, because it’s so light on the body, you even don’t feel it. 🥰 And it’s so fashionable ! I am always excited to buy these marvelous clothes from Folie du Lin! It’s not my first command, and not the last. 😉 With this excellent service I will absolutely continue my favorite shopping at Folie du Lin! I really recommend, even don’t hesitate to buy this dress! 💞



Superbe chemise, travail soigné, taille parfaite, Malgré le confinement, la livraison a été rapide Tous mes compliments


Magnificent ))) more than I expected. In overal!!!


 I am happy with the quality of all the clothes I bought here and all the items from Alina were delivered in time.  The dress is impressing, embroidery is fantastic, and is made for my size.

Blouse is Great, for all the times, quality is perfect. The excellent embroidery work)))

Many many thanks to Alina, it is definitely the shop to come for the next shopping)))


I am now their lifetime customer.

I love baggy clothes. I always have been, in my very petite size 2 days to now so plump two-digit size. I was looking for a perfect blouse where I didn't have to be so self-conscious and yet it still makes me look beautiful.

This beautiful linen blouse with exquisite workmanship is beyond my expectations. I am so happy to have found FOLIEDULIN!

The superb quality of workmanship, material, and customer care. I am now their lifetime customer.
These blouses are perfect for Southern California Autumn weather~ Thank you, Alina, for going through so much trouble with my orders. I am so grateful and happy!!!

Innie Lee

Vielen Dank für die schöne Ware

Ich habe bereits die dritte Bluse von FOLIEDULIN gekauft, auf alle meine Sonderwünsche wurde zeitnah eingegangen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem guten Service und der ausgesprochen guten Qualität. Vielen Dank für die schöne Ware


J’ai déjà acheté le troisième chemisier de FOLIEDULIN, toutes mes demandes spéciales ont été rapidement traitées. Je suis très satisfait du bon service et de la très bonne qualité. Merci beaucoup pour les belles marchandises


'Foli du Lin'  is the first place on earth where I find the natural clothes I was looking for, it's healthy without synthetic/chemical things - finally!

Royal Fineness, Quality and Beauty

A perfect piece of natural clothing. Almost Royal Fineness, Quality and Beauty. The softness, Beauty of Nature of this linen, so organic, PURE, but also lovely fine to wear, made with perfection. it was a really special order for me, Alina made some male clothes for me specially, and made the pure natural clothes, for which I searched the whole world! (shirt and trouser). She is the first place on earth where I find the natural clothes I was looking for, it's healthy without synthetic/chemical things - finally! This clothing really suits to my needs and even (FAR) more than that. Thank you Alina, thank you Foliedulin!

Natural Lover

Two years later this jumpsuit is probably my favorite item in my whole wardrobe!!!

The design and artisan quality of this jumpsuit is amazing. 10/10 would recommend buying from Alina!



It's just an art...

This is my fourth article bought at Folie du Lin, and as usual the contact with the seller was excellent and easy. I've bought this beautiful linen blouse as a gift to my dearest aunt, and I've even received some recommendations about the size, and my aunt said that it is just her size 100%, it suits her perfectly! She loves this linen blouse very much, and underlines that the quality is excellent! Her husband is also impressed by this tender feminine style. So on the demand of my aunt, I thank Folie du Lin and add these photos of my aunt in the blouse ❤️ I highly recommend Folie du Lin.

Marianne Babich

The most beautiful linen wear 🤍🌿💚

Perfect dress, great quality. All perfect.


Now in total I am the happy owner of SIX garments, created by this artisan...


I am really content! This clothing is untreated natural high quality linen, without any use of chemicals, and a true piece of art. It wears very fine, Alina made a top/blouse and trousers for me, and they are the best clothes I have ever had in my life. Even the old Egyptians weared white linen as a protection to the sun and the fine ones were costly. This high natural linen piece would not be inferior to their finest quality white linen. It sits very fine, breathy, light, fresh feeling, reflecting the hot sunlight away.


It is the most beautiful item I own!

Such a lovely blouse! I'd been thinking about this blouse for a while and finally decided to purchase it when I saw it was on sale. It is the most beautiful item I own! You can tell Alina put a lot of love into it and the embroidery is just absolutely gorgeous. The material feels so good on the skin too. It's a bit thicker which is perfect for the summer/fall transition and I can see myself wearing this a lot as it finally cools down here in Canada. It took about a month to arrive from the day I purchased it but it's well worth the wait. I will be purchasing from Foliedulin again!


I feel so loved and special when I wear the clothes made by you!

I like the creations 🤍! It smells like 🌸 which I wish it will never go away. It is romantic, elegant, feminine, and comfortable at the same time! It can be worn on any occasion. linen is a noble, resistant, timeless material, the picture does not do any justice. A taste for slowness, a job well done! 

🤍When I wear this dress, guys behave like gentlemen toward me; girls stare at me, ask me where is it from? Sorry, its not sold at retailers, only can be found here. This dress is unique, cause it’s only one , it’s s an art!
There's a huge difference between hand-embroidered and machine-made pieces. It's full of femininity, elegance, and comfort. Thank you for everything, Alina🤍

Ruo Wei

I will wear it  for many years and will be still in love

Beautifully made! Very high-quality linen and the embroidery is very well done. I am very happy about this blouse and I am sure I will wear it many years! I got so many compliments for it already!


I have never seen anything like this before!

 🌸Alina is truly creative , artistic and talented! Its a gift 💝! I am very pleased with everything! Thank you for the beautiful creations. I feel cute, innocent and beautiful at the same time! 🐦

Little woman Ruo

How everything could be so perfect? )

This dress is gorgeous! Beautiful heavy linen, beautiful color and it comes enveloped in a beautiful scent that Alina creates herself. I had a few questions before and after purchasing and Alina was very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this shop.


Linen is so tender and light 

This is my fifth purchase at Folie du Lin, and I am always very happy with every article I've bought. This blouse is very feminine, with tender linen, very comfortable especially for this hot summer in France. I highly recommend Folie du Lin.



Chemisier incroyable. C’est ma première vyshyvanka et je suis tellement heureuse de l’avoir :) Il a l’air très élégant quand vous le faites avec un jean ou une jupe en denim. Je me sens très féminine dans ce look. Et j’ai reçu tellement de compliments de mes collègues et amis quand ils m’ont vu porter ce chemisier!

Anastasia S

A true work of art in every way

A true work of art in every way. Perfect fit, perfect colours. Alina was very accommodating to my customisations and created the most beautiful item of clothing that I will ever own. 


I highly recommend this shop ))

Envoi rapide. Joli emballage avec des pétales de fleurs. Très agréable communication.
La blouse est vraiment magnifique, j'adore ❤️! Cette vyshyvanka est très mode! Les broderies, la couleur, le lin, tout est superbe.
Je recommande vivement cette boutique, où je commanderai à nouveau assurément. Merci pour tout💐! Et merci pour le petit clin d'œil !

Fast shipping and delivery. Lovely packaged, with flower petals. Great communication.
The blouse is absolutely gorgeous. I love it❤️! This vyshyvanka is very fashionable! Embroideries, colours, linen, are superb.
I highly recommend this shop. For sure I will order again !
Many thanks 🏵️! And special thanks to the little wink!


I feel nature on my skin when I wear 'Folie du lin'

What a great linen clothing Foliedulin (Alina) made for me. Pure breathing nature in great color, from Mother Nature, that means undied and not chemically treated, and yes, I surely can feel it. The art of this piece with its flowers, an idea of the artist Alina herself, looks beautiful, and the overall quality of these clothing (blouse + trousers) is superb! I'm very happy with this purchase.

Kevin Rendel


Le combishort est sublime !!! La coupe, la qualité du tissu, la matière ainsi que le travail de couture. Tout est parfait. Je recommande cette créatrice.


My best experience of online shopping!

The quality of linen is excellent! The embroidery if so authentic and at the same time fashionable. The best handmade ever.
Just a real pleasure! Thank you very much Folie du Lin!


La blouse est superbe et ce travail artisanal admirable

La journée des belles surprises : Quel bonheur d’ouvrir cette jolie boîte qui sent si bon le lin! Le vêtement se cache sous une belle housse. J’ai hâte de le découvrir. Pour ce voyage inspirant dans le folklore et la tradition slave, j’avais envie de lin brut, de jaune et de blanc pur. Alina m’a proposé différents tons de jaune et de l’or. C’est encore plus joli. Cette association est douce au teint et tellement lumineuse au soleil La blouse est superbe et ce travail artisanal admirable .... un peu plus tard dans la journée, les petites chèvres fugueuses de mon voisin sont venues me présenter leurs bébés. C’est la journée des belles surprises !


C'est une œuvre d'art qu'envoie Alina

Magnifique blouse dans une très belle qualité de lin! Un bleu superbe! Une pièce à la fois traditionnelle et "à la mode", une pièce surtout vraiment unique et singulière. C'est ma deuxième commande chez Folie du Lin. Alina est à l'écoute, de bon conseil, très agréable. Le paquet témoigne de son attention. Un joli carton, une enveloppe, une carte de visite délicates, des pétales, un message adorable, un très joli cadeau qui me fait découvrir un autre travail artisanal : tout le soin porté au paquet témoigne du soin porté au travail, à la beauté, et de son souci de faire plaisir. C'est une œuvre d'art qu'envoie Alina. Je vous remercie de tout cœur pour m'avoir donné ce bonheur de porter un des blouses que vous avez créées💐♥️. Je recommande votre entreprise chaleureusement. Tout mon soutien.


One of the most stunning examples of craftsmanship I have seen.

Beautiful blouse and wonderful seller. I was concerned about the length of sleeves when ordering. She reached out to get my measurements to ensure it was perfect. I will wear this for years and can’t wait to purchase more items! Highly recommend


 beautiful and tottaly unique 

It's such a beautiful and tottaly unique blouse. I can use it for different occasions. The embroidery is in highest quality and it looks just amazing. I like their costumer service, Alina is very friendly and easy going, always responsive. More then happy with my order and looking forward to order next one.Thank you.

Tatiana Balyuk

Le raffinement délicat ...

Je vous remercie, Alina, pour cette confection de qualité. Ma blouse est superbe. Le modèle et la taille sont impeccables. Bravo pour votre savoir-faire. Le lin est beau et les broderies (motifs, couleurs, techniques) sont remarquables. Le raffinement de l'ensemble se décline jusqu'à l'emballage soigné où des fleurs séchées ont embaumé délicatement le vêtement d'un parfum doux et frais réconfortant. Bravo pour votre travail.


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